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Location:Allen, Texas
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Bagadocious, LLC Accessory Covers
Bagadocious Covers are a new and excited storage solution for purses, shoes, boots and accessories.
We offer a new twist on the envelope and drawstring storage bags.
What makes them unique is the image on the outside of the bag!

Whatever you store inside of the Bagadocious is printed on the outside for easy identification and organization of your purses, shoes, boots or whatever you want!

Each Cover is constructed of 100% natural cotton fabrics that will not scratch or rub the finish of you items inside. The air is able to circulate through the bag maintaining the condition of your purses, shoes, boots.

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Seller: Bagadocious  (This Seller Has 1 Item)
Bio: Founder Leslie Fuller’s vision is very clear. Bagadocious, Inc. is committed to an elevated level of quality control for each of our products that most of our competitors will not want to undertake. Her steadfast focus helps avoid concentrating on the wants and needs of Bagadocious and redirects and puts them where they belong ---- on her clients, partners, vendors and customers.

Services: We create custom bag covers in 4 specific sizes and 2 types, drawstring and envelope respectively.

We also create custom bags for customers as well.

For more go to http://www.bagadocious.com
Skills: Our ability to apply style to function and function to form ....elegantly.
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